Mulan Asian Cuisine is not your regular Asian restaurant; we are a company with a mission, which is to serve our customer with authentic, innovative, and affordable Asian cuisine without compromising quality nor taste. At this level, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer contentment.

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Mulan is a name that carries multiple meanings, as the name of a hero who served in all-male army in place of her old age father; and also could be interpreted as the magnolia flower in Chinese. The story of our female hero has captivated generations of Chinese poets, writers, artists, and playwrights, as it appears in poem entitled The Song of Mulan and movies.

In capturing the spirit of the hero, Mulan embodies a perfect meld between eastern and Western. Our restaurant is a study in style and creativity to combine mix contemporary element, safari art deco, with the open exhibition kitchens where guests can watch the orders being artfully prepared. Mulan offers main dining area, private party room, sun room, as well as an outdoor patio. A full bar is available and the finest wine is suggested.

Our menus offer an excellent selection of traditional and contemporary recipes from appetizers, main courses, vegetables and soups from China, Thailand and other Asian countries. We strive to provide the best and freshest ingredients to combine Asian herbs and spices to give that vibrant, colorful, and distinctive Asian taste.

Specialties include crispy whole fish in Hunan sauce, Beijing duck, curry salmon, fillet Mignon, Mango Roll, and Godzilla Roll. Vegetarian and spa cuisine entrees are available as well. All the dishes are brought alive by sought after Chef Master John Kuan. Master Chef Kuan apprenticed and perfected his craft for approximately 15 years and has been serving exquisite dishes since 1982.

At Mulan we are committed to serving quality food and to make your every visit enjoyable. So be sure to treat yourself to the best Asia has to offer and enjoy the relaxed ambiance and great hospitality as well as try our award winning dishes.